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Flexible platforms, storage & applications for the Cloud, for Data Centers, Education, Manufacturing and High Tech.

Education – content and file sharing from mobile devices

Mobile devices are a huge part of students'lives. Whether it's a laptop, tablet or smartphone, today's educators are leveraging the ability to share content, including videos, notes and lessons. Innovative educators are uncovering the potential of using mobile apps for content sharing, collaboration and other uses.

Data Centers – combining virtual and existing hardware

With the changing landscape of today's data centers, it is vital that the hardware you deploy offers flexibility so you can optimize how it is utilized. Promise combines reliable storage hardware with innovative cloud file sharing applications to enable you to do more with your hardware and ensure the data center runs smoothly.One of the most common issues data centers face is a lack of space – even as storage needs continue to grow. Reducing the footprint of the data center while still offering sufficient storage space takes creative, innovative thinking.

Manufacturing and High Tech - easily and securely share information

The BYOD movement (Bring Your Own Device) is creating challenges for businesses, especially those sharing important, confidential files. Employees are commonly using personal devices to store and access business data from public FSS solutions designed for consumers. Employees want to enjoy the convenience provided by these file sharing services, and unfortunately, are willing to break company policy to do so. Businesses need a solution that offers convenient Cloud access and file sharing for their ever increasingly mobile workforce, with a solution they can manage and control to secure their valuable data.


Easily collaborate and share files

FileCruiser enables employees to create shared workspaces, allowing them to work together more efficiently. They can comment on documents, easily share large files and collaborate with internal and external users. Teams can be created across different directories and departments with specific roles and permissions assigned to key team members.

IT is in Control

FileCruiser brings private cloud storage service to business in an all-in-one solution that combines hardware and software to enable anytime, anywhere data access. FileCruiser is an on-premise EFSS solution, offering users the convenience of mobile access, while keeping the control of the system firmly within the IT department's control. Users can manage the entire system, including hardware and software configuration, eliminating security concerns of sharing confidential data within a public service.

Enterprise-level Security

Public cloud solutions are great for individual users who want convenient access to personal content. However, businesses cannot risk the loss or theft of sensitive data. FileCruiser includes enterprise level security features, such as remote wipe, which remotely deletes the synced folder from devices that have been lost or stolen, and offers AES-256 bit encryption for data encryption in transfer and storage.