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Get more from existing networks or take advantage of new infrastructures


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SANLink3 T1
PROMISE SANLink3 T1 Thunderbolt3 Ethernet Bridge Adaptor
Our Price: $299.00

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Get more from existing networks or take advantage of new infrastructures

SANLink3 T1 NBase-T lets you connect at 1, 2.5 or 5Gbps over most existing Ethernet wiring or up to 10Gbps on the latest high-speed networks.

Convenient and portable connectivity solution

SANLink3 T1 is bus-powered and requires no separate power supply. With its compact size and included Thunderbolt™ 3 cable, you can now stay mobile without sacrificing connection speeds.

Do more with a singleThunderbolt™ 3 port

Daisy-chain multiple Thunderbolt™ 3 devices – High resolution displays, Pegasus3 RAID storage and connect to 10G Ethernet with a SANLink3 T1 and still get maximum performance!

The most affordable high speed Ethernet connection solution

SANlink3 T1 raises the bar for high-speed Ethernet connectivity and affordability. No other Thunderbolt™ 3 adapter provides these capabilities in such small compact package.

  • The SANLink3 Series with ThunderboltTM 3 technology revolutionizes how creative professionals connect ThunderboltTM 3 device to an existing Ethernet infrastructure
  • High-speed NBASE-T technology is designed to maximize the available line rate of ThunderboltTM 3
  • Faster network access streamines creative and high demand workflow needs
  • Bus-powered, compact, quiet and lightweight, no power adapters or big bulky boxes, easy to install and transportable
  • Simple setup: plug your SANLink3 into a ThunderboltTM 3 port, load the driver found in Promise download site and you’re done.

SANLink3 for a High Speed Ethernet Infrastructure

  • SANLink3 NBASE-T1 provides Ethernet connectivity to your Ethernet network from your ThunderboltTM 3 enabled portable or desktop computer.
  • Fast ThunderboltTM3 provides for twice the throughput of ThunderboltTM 2

PROMISE SANLink3 T1 Thunderbolt

A Complete ThunderboltTM 3 Based Storage Workflow

Promise offers ThunderboltTM 3 based solutions for all of your storage needs, leveraging Pegasus3 storage devices and SANLink3 bridge adapters

PROMISE SANLink3 T1 Storage Workflow

Features and Benefits:


  • Provides portable and desktop systems with high-speed Ethernet connectivity
  • Improves connectivity for power users via a simple copper Ethernet cable
  • High-speed NBASE-T connectivity is ideal for creative professionals
  • Supports Jumbo Frames


  • Enables High-Speed Ethernet connectivity using ThunderboltTM 3 port
  • Compact bus-powered design connects easily; runs cool and quiet
  • Supports Xsan and StorNextTM file systems
  • ThunderboltTM 3 standards compliant and Intel approved
  • Nothing else to buy - ThunderboltTM 3 cable included


SANLink3 T1 Specifications
External Ports NBASE-T Ethernet Port
Thunderbolt™ Ports Single ThunderboltTM 3 technology port (40 G bps)
Transfer Rates 920MB/s at 10Gb/s
600MB/s at 5Gb/s
300MB/s at 2.5Gb/s
125MB/s at 1Gb/s
Host Bus Type Single 40 Gbps ThunderboltTM port
Protocols IEEE 802.3an - 10GBASE-T
IEEE 802.3bz - 2.5G/5GBASE-T
IEEE 802.3ab - 1000BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u - 100BASE-TX
Dimensions 1.1” (H) x 4.25” (W) x 2.2” (D)
Weight 10 oz.
Warranty 3-year warranty
Requirements Workstation or portable with ThunderboltTM 3 port (ThunderboltTM3 cable included)
OS Support OS X 10.12 or later
Windows 7 & 10 (64-bit)


Download the PROMISE SANLink3 T1 Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

PROMISE Products
SANLink3 T1
PROMISE SANLink3 T1 Thunderbolt3 Ethernet Bridge Adaptor
Our Price: $299.00